Over the year EMPOWER has gathered extensive knowledge when it comes to equality challenges in the workplace.  Below you can see some of the challenges that are common.

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Stereotypes are prominent
Women and men experience the workplace very differently
Women get defence questions but men get progressive questions 
It's hard to be the only woman in a group of men
Informal power groups for men
Imbalance in taking paid parental leave

EMPOWER´s main focus is on practical solutions that benefit companies and institutions immediately, even though DEI in the workplace must always be approached as an on-going long-term project.

EMPOWER's methodology is based on:
1) Analysis

2) Goal setting and KPI´s

3) Education

4) Change.


EMPOWER´s employee education and training always strives to make the material interesting and engaging, using humour and creative means of communication.

In the EMPOWER team, designers and creative content people have been at the forefront of content creation to ensure exciting interactive content.

EMPOWER's methodology is proven over many years working with a diverse group of organisations that are leaders in their field. The EMPOWER Equality Roadmap has until now been the core of EMPOWER's work, bringing a unique holistic approach to equality challenges in the workplace, offering analysis as well as solutions. On this journey EMPOWER's consultants have taken over 400 in-depth interviews with company employees and a total of 4,500 people have attended EMPOWER workshops.

The                                            software will revolutionise the service to reach clients around the world, thus for the first time being able to offer international organisations the opportunity to benefit from the EMPOWER methodologies.